Burlington Municipal Airport (KBUU)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 20 08:40 CDT Pueblo (PUB / KPUB) N874LM SR22 (N874LM) Departed 08:52 CDT
Mar 20 13:45 CDT Morrisville (MVL / KMVL) N930VT TBM9 (N930VT) Departed 13:39 CDT
Mar 20 16:30 CDT Chicago/Waukegan (KUGN) N61EP DA42 (N61EP) Departed 16:42 CDT
Mar 21 07:30 CDT Cincinnati (LUK / KLUK) N941RJ C550 (N941RJ) Departed 07:49 CDT
Mar 21 12:00 CDT Key West (EYW / KEYW) N595G C56X (N595G) Departed 12:00 CDT
Mar 21 13:55 CDT Stevens Point (KSTE) N7411T C172 (N7411T) Departed 14:05 CDT
Mar 21 14:15 CDT Moline (MLI / KMLI) N678GS C550 (N678GS) Departed 15:24 CDT
Mar 22 10:00 CDT Homestead (KX51) N595G C56X (N595G) Departed 10:07 CDT
Mar 23 14:55 CDT Madison (MSN / KMSN) N6535G C172 (N6535G) Departed 15:03 CDT
Mar 24 15:25 CDT Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling (KPWK) N302TD SR22 (N302TD) Departed 15:44 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 14:18 CDT Ames (AMW / KAMW) N678GS C550 (N678GS) Landed

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