UTC 23:50

Baxley Municipal Airport (KBHC)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 13 10:55 EDT Augusta (DNL / KDNL) N95EE COL3 (N95EE) Departed 11:06 EDT
Jun 13 17:40 EDT Raleigh/Durham (RDU / KRDU) N576XL XL2 (N576XL) Departed 17:44 EDT
Jun 14 16:02 EDT Orlando (SFB / KSFB) N3737Q BE35 (N3737Q) Departed 16:30 EDT
Jun 15 08:15 EDT Atlanta (PDK / KPDK) N249CR B58T (N249CR) Departed 09:48 EDT
Jun 15 14:00 EDT West Palm Beach (KF45) N4887J BE33 (N4887J) Departed 13:42 EDT
Jun 15 18:15 EDT Jacksonville (KCRG) N9643Y BE33 (N9643Y) Departed 18:23 EDT
Jun 16 11:30 EDT Clearwater (KCLW) N519PL RV10 (N519PL) Departed 11:50 EDT
Jun 16 12:10 EDT Orlando (KISM) N5726Q (N5726Q ) Departed 12:23 EDT
Jun 16 17:50 EDT Waxhaw (KN52) N5650U P28A (N5650U) Departed 17:34 EDT
Jun 18 11:35 EDT St Augustine (KSGJ) N1807N BE58 (N1807N) Departed 11:35 EDT
Jun 18 12:00 EDT Atlanta (KFFC) N9643Y BE33 (N9643Y) Departed 11:57 EDT
Jun 18 14:45 EDT Wilmington (KI66) N600CR PA46 (N600CR) Departed 14:46 EDT
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