Llano Municipal Airport (KAQO)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 17 17:45 CDT Lockhart (K50R) N8859N P28A (N8859N) Departed 18:14 CDT
Mar 18 11:15 CDT Houston (KTME) N367EA TBM8 (N367EA) Departed 11:31 CDT
Mar 18 14:15 CDT Midland (KMDD) N544G BE36 (N544G) Departed 14:45 CDT
Mar 19 13:45 CDT Houston (KTME) N367EA TBM8 (N367EA) Departed 14:23 CDT
Mar 21 14:23 CDT Bodaybo (ODO / UIKB) N182CA BE9T (N182CA) Departed 14:29 CDT
Mar 21 - Waco (ACT / KACT) N38CA RV9 (N38CA) Departed 15:26 CDT
Mar 22 11:55 CDT Houston (KSGR) NetJets Aviation 1L542 C68A (N542QS) Departed 11:46 CDT
Mar 23 16:50 CDT Kerrville (KERV) N15320 P28A (N15320) Departed 17:00 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 22 10:49 CDT Dallas (DAL / KDAL) NetJets Aviation 1L542 C68A (N542QS) Landed

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