Bacon County Airport (KAMG)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 18 - Kalamazoo (AZO / KAZO) N1561L BE36 (N1561L) Departed 07:40 EDT
Mar 18 10:30 EDT Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport (TRI / KTRI) N1811Y BE36 (N1811Y) Departed 10:48 EDT
Mar 19 - Avon Park (AVO / KAVO) N267CL BE20 (N267CL) Departed 08:47 EDT
Mar 20 10:00 EDT Vero Beach (VRB / KVRB) N22202 C210 (N22202) Departed 10:18 EDT
Mar 20 11:00 EDT Greenville (GDC / KGYH) N421FC C421 (N421FC) Departed 11:38 EDT
Mar 20 - Fernandina Beach (FHB / KFHB) N267CL BE20 (N267CL) Departed 16:12 EDT
Mar 21 07:30 EDT Atlanta (PDK / KPDK) N77WM BE9L (N77WM) Departed 07:26 EDT
Mar 24 09:44 EDT Orlando (MCO / KMCO) N8235A PA32 (N8235A) Departed 12:13 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 20 08:44 EDT Greenville (GDC / KGYH) N421FC C421 (N421FC) Landed

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