UTC 03:57

Alpine Airport (K46U)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 19 16:00 MDT Hawthorne (KHHR) N230SM C750 (N230SM) Departed 16:26 MDT
Jun 21 08:45 MDT Denver (APA / KAPA) N179TD EA50 (N179TD) Departed 09:14 MDT
Jun 23 06:30 MDT Salt Lake City (SLC / KSLC) N18JS PA46 (N18JS) Est. Departure 06:29 MDT
Jun 23 11:25 MDT Las Vegas (KHND) N421LG C421 (N421LG) Departed 11:58 MDT
Jun 23 11:30 MDT Minneapolis (KFCM) N920EA TBM9 (N920EA) Departed 11:55 MDT
Jun 23 14:00 MDT Bismarck (BIS / KBIS) N394GA C525 (N394GA) Departed 14:45 MDT
Jun 24 08:30 MDT Des Moines (DSM / KDSM) N930FY TBM8 (N930FY) Departed 08:47 MDT
Jun 24 10:30 MDT Anacortes (K74S) N C510 (N774AR) Departed 10:31 MDT
Jun 24 12:45 MDT Las Vegas (KHND) N129RP C55B (N129RP) Departed 13:19 MDT
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