UTC 10:39

Fayette Regional Air Center Airport (K3T5)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 10 10:00 CDT Georgetown (GCM / MWCR) N863JB C560 (N863JB) Departed 10:11 CDT
Jun 10 11:00 CDT Oklahoma City (KHSD) N307BS C525 (N307BS) Departed 11:27 CDT
Jun 13 08:30 CDT New Orleans (KNEW) N3785T P28A (N3785T) Est. Departure 08:55 CDT
Jun 13 10:30 CDT Fort Worth (FTW / KFTW) N550WR C550 (N550WR) Departed 10:45 CDT
Jun 13 11:30 CDT San Antonio (KSSF) N718DE S22T (N718DE) Departed 09:08 CDT
Jun 14 11:45 CDT La Grange (K3T5) N307BS C525 (N307BS) Departed 12:04 CDT
Jun 15 13:00 CDT Fredericksburg (KT82) N980BH AC95 (N980BH) Est. Departure 13:10 CDT
Jun 15 20:30 CDT Wichita Falls (KIP / KCWC) N550WR C550 (N550WR) Departed 19:44 CDT
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