UTC 21:11

Lake Elmo Airport (K21D)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 13 09:30 CDT Sioux Falls (FSD / KFSD) N722DW RV7 (N722DW) Departed 09:52 CDT
Jun 14 10:00 CDT Spencer (KSPW) N300CA P28A (N300CA) Departed 10:23 CDT
Jun 14 11:05 CDT Manitowish Waters (KD25) N814CH PA34 (N814CH) Departed 11:01 CDT
Jun 14 - Minneapolis (KANE) N4024J P28A (N4024J) Unknown
Jun 14 16:20 CDT St Paul (K21D) N61879 C172 (N61879) Departed 16:37 CDT
Jun 16 17:15 CDT St Paul (K21D) N132CP SR20 (N132CP) Est. Departure 18:00 CDT
Jun 17 06:30 CDT Duluth (DLH / KDLH) N814CH PA34 (N814CH) Departed 06:55 CDT
Jun 17 07:45 CDT Wisconsin Rapids (KISW) N928KM BE36 (N928KM) Est. Departure 08:05 CDT
Jun 17 08:30 CDT St Paul (K21D) N61879 (N61879 ) Departed 08:43 CDT
Jun 17 09:00 CDT Milwaukee (KMWC) N21PL C182 (N21PL) Departed 09:09 CDT
Jun 17 11:00 CDT Orr (KORB) N1696W BE33 (N1696W) Est. Departure 11:10 CDT
Jun 17 15:30 CDT St Paul (K21D) N4024J P28A (N4024J) Departed 15:40 CDT
Jun 18 07:00 CDT Casper (CPR / KCPR) N21353 M20T (N21353) Departed 07:16 CDT
Jun 18 - Rochester (RST / KRST) N333LN SR20 (N333LN) Departed 10:09 CDT
Jun 18 09:00 CDT St Paul (K21D) N61879 C172 (N61879) Departed 09:21 CDT
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