Brenham Municipal Airport (K11R)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 14:00 CST Denver (BJC / KBJC) NetJets Aviation 1L996 C750 (N996QS) Departed 14:22 CST
Jan 18 07:57 CST Houston (HOU / KHOU) NetJets Aviation 1L761 CL35 (N761QS) Departed 07:51 CST
Jan 18 09:30 CST Denver (BJC / KBJC) N505PL ASTR (N505PL) Departed 09:23 CST
Jan 18 17:50 CST Houston (DWH / KDWH) N172BW C172 (N172BW) Departed 18:00 CST
Jan 18 17:50 CST Houston (DWH / KDWH) N2816G P28A (N2816G) Departed 17:47 CST
Jan 20 10:00 CST Manzanillo (ZLO / MMZO) NetJets Aviation N738QS CL35 (N738QS) Departed 09:50 CST
Jan 21 15:00 CST Houston (KIWS) N711ME BE58 (N711ME) Departed 15:02 CST
Jan 23 06:30 CST Las Vegas (LAS / KLAS) Jet Linx Aviation JTL242 - Departed 06:33 CST
Jan 23 07:30 CST Odessa (KODO) N221H FA20 (N221H) Departed 08:20 CST
Jan 23 13:30 CST Midland (MAF / KMAF) N425EC MU2 (N425EC) Departed 13:23 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 10:31 CST Dallas (DAL / KDAL) NetJets Aviation 1L996 C750 (N996QS) Landed
Jan 17 17:10 CST Jackson (JAN / KJAN) NetJets Aviation 1L761 CL35 (N761QS) Landed
Jan 17 18:50 CST Odessa (KODO) N221H FA20 (N221H) Landed
Jan 21 17:59 CST Denver (BJC / KBJC) N505PL ASTR (N505PL) Landed

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