In Guezzam Airport (INF / DATG)

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Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 15 10:00 EST Milwaukee (MKE / KMKE) NetJets Aviation 1L642 C56X (N642QS) Departed 09:53 EST
Jan 18 14:30 EST Carrabelle (KX13) N6458C BE58 (N6458C) Departed 14:53 EST
Jan 20 10:00 EST Columbia/Mount Pleasant (KMRC) N262ST P46T (N262ST) Departed 10:54 EST
Jan 21 09:00 EST Vero Beach (VRB / KVRB) N6084R C172 (N6084R) Departed 10:02 EST
Jan 21 16:20 EST Naples (APF / KAPF) Cobalt Air CNS1023 - Departed 16:34 EST
Jan 21 17:45 EST Vero Beach (VRB / KVRB) N6056P PA24 (N6056P) Departed 18:00 EST
Jan 23 18:55 EST Tamanrasset (TMR / DAAT) Air Algerie AH6285 AT7 - Unknown
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 23 18:05 EST Tamanrasset (TMR / DAAT) Air Algerie AH6284 AT7 - Scheduled

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