Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport (I19)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 18:13 EDT Dayton (KMGY) NetJets Aviation 1L593 C68A (N593QS) Departed 18:29 EDT
Mar 21 21:00 EDT Washington (IAD / KIAD) NetJets Aviation 1L317 C680 (N317QS) Departed 22:38 EDT
Mar 22 06:30 EDT Atlanta (KFTY) N853HL C182 (N853HL) Departed 06:17 EDT
Mar 23 10:00 EDT Plymouth (1D2) N5932V P28R (N5932V) Departed 10:15 EDT
Mar 24 08:00 EDT Huntsville (HSV / KHSV) N9297P PA24 (N9297P) Departed 07:47 EDT
Mar 24 11:30 EDT Anderson (AID / KAID) N854P BE33 (N854P) Departed 11:30 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 16:52 EDT Washington (IAD / KIAD) NetJets Aviation 1L593 C68A (N593QS) Landed
Mar 21 20:48 EDT St Louis (KSUS) NetJets Aviation 1L317 C680 (N317QS) Landed
Mar 25 21:25 EDT Port Clinton (KPCW) N85WF SR22 (N85WF) Landed 20:50 EDT
Mar 25 21:30 EDT Port Clinton (KPCW) N184KT SR22 (N184KT) Landed
Mar 25 21:35 EDT Port Clinton (KPCW) N348CD SR22 (N348CD) Landed

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