Dalhart Municipal Airport (DHT / KDHT)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 19:44 CDT Lubbock (LBB / KLBB) N980GR AC95 (N980GR) Departed 19:37 CDT
Mar 20 08:00 CDT Sioux City (SUX / KSUX) N411CK C421 (N411CK) Departed 08:17 CDT
Mar 20 17:40 CDT Tucson (TUS / KTUS) N62LG C182 (N62LG) Departed 17:36 CDT
Mar 21 02:14 CDT Fort Worth (FTW / KFTW) Eaglemed EMD44 BE9L (N460EM) Departed 02:34 CDT
Mar 21 14:25 CDT Scottsdale (KSDL) N463KC P46T (N463KC) Departed 14:25 CDT
Mar 21 18:15 CDT Amarillo (TDW / KTDW) N441AQ C441 (N441AQ) Departed 18:25 CDT
Mar 21 20:20 CDT Amarillo (AMA / KAMA) N36MH BE20 (N36MH) Departed 21:26 CDT
Mar 22 17:10 CDT Santa Fe (SAF / KSAF) N633F BE50 (N633F) Est. Departure 21:14 CDT
Mar 23 16:30 CDT Oklahoma City (KPWA) N5516C C210 (N5516C) Departed 17:23 CDT
Mar 24 07:30 CDT Amarillo (AMA / KAMA) N36MH BE20 (N36MH) Departed 07:34 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 26 08:38 CDT Kearney (EAR / KEAR) N633WC PAY1 (N633WC) Est. Arrival 09:05 CDT

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