Pryor Field Regional Airport (DCU / KDCU)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 11 15:40 CST Decatur (DCU / KDCU) N5442F P32R (N5442F) Departed 16:05 CST
Feb 11 16:45 CST Columbus (CLU / KBAK) Berry Aviation BYA345 - Departed 16:39 CST
Feb 13 13:35 CST St Augustine (KSGJ) N5442F PA32 (N5442F) Departed 13:43 CST
Feb 13 14:00 CST Muskegon (MKG / KMKG) N86VP BE30 (N86VP) Departed 14:10 CST
Feb 15 01:50 CST Winchester (KBGF) N461MT EC35 (N461MT) Departed 01:58 CST
Feb 17 10:45 CST Decatur (DCU / KDCU) N626SP PA23 (N626SP) Departed 10:47 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 13 16:18 CST Columbus (CMH / KCMH) Fltplan Llc ( Southbury Ct ) DCM6611 - Landed

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