Conway Municipal Airport (CXW / KCXW)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 16 07:00 CDT Fayetteville (FYV / KFYV) N406CT C550 (N406CT) Departed 07:16 CDT
Mar 17 06:30 CDT Olathe (KIXD) N39694 P32R (N39694) Departed 06:10 CDT
Mar 17 09:45 CDT Dallas (KTKI) N236DC SR22 (N236DC) Departed 11:32 CDT
Mar 18 09:30 CDT Aspen (ASE / KASE) FlexJet LXJ404 E550 (N404FX) Departed 09:33 CDT
Mar 19 06:00 CDT George Town (GGT / MYEF) N533PJ C501 (N533PJ) Departed 06:48 CDT
Mar 20 09:45 CDT Rockwall (KF46) N4245A BE35 (N4245A) Departed 09:30 CDT
Mar 20 10:37 CDT New Orleans (KNEW) N9127P PA24 (N9127P) Departed 10:44 CDT
Mar 21 13:00 CDT Dallas (DAL / KDAL) Jet Linx Aviation JTL91 GALX (N990JT) Departed 13:15 CDT
Mar 21 14:00 CDT Cahokia/St Louis (KCPS) N3216D BE36 (N3216D) Departed 14:16 CDT
Mar 21 15:00 CDT Crestview (KCEW) N165DH RV9 (N165DH) Departed 15:39 CDT
Mar 21 15:00 CDT Kansas City (MKC / KMKC) N61WA S22T (N61WA) Departed 15:09 CDT
Mar 22 06:30 CDT Oklahoma City (OKC / KOKC) N39694 P32T (N39694) Departed 06:52 CDT
Mar 22 13:00 CDT Nashville (KJWN) N236DC SR22 (N236DC) Departed 15:06 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 12:37 CDT Aspen (ASE / KASE) Jet Linx Aviation JTL91 GALX (N990JT) Landed

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