Canouan Airport (CIW / TVSC)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 14 09:30 AST Aguadilla (BQN / TJBQ) N6RA C425 (N6RA) Departed 09:40 AST
Mar 16 09:19 AST Miami (MIA / KMIA) FlexJet LXJ536 CL30 (N536FX) Departed 15:15 AST
Mar 16 09:45 AST Houston (HOU / KHOU) NetJets Aviation N529QS GLF5 (N529QS) Departed 10:54 AST
Mar 17 14:35 AST Orlando (MCO / KMCO) FlexJet LXJ532 CL30 (N532FX) Departed 09:46 AST
Mar 19 08:45 AST San Juan (SJU / TJSJ) N750CK C650 (N750CK) Est. Departure 08:28 AST
Mar 19 11:00 AST Miami (OPF / KOPF) N160QS GLEX (N160QS) Est. Departure 11:28 AST
Mar 19 11:00 AST New York (LGA / KLGA) N142HC GL5T (N142HC) Departed 15:22 AST
Mar 19 12:00 AST Boca Raton (BCT / KBCT) NetJets Aviation N528QS GLF5 (N528QS) Departed 15:14 AST
Mar 19 12:00 AST Boca Raton (BCT / KBCT) N202QS CL60 (N202QS) Departed 15:24 AST
Mar 20 19:30 AST Miami (MIA / KMIA) Contour Airlines VTE989 GLEX (N989SF) Departed 19:30 AST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 15 13:46 AST Teterboro (TEB / KTEB) NetJets Aviation N529QS GLF5 (N529QS) Landed
Mar 18 12:30 AST Bedford (BED / KBED) N202QS CL60 (N202QS) Landed

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