Council Bluffs Municipal Airport (CBF / KCBF)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 15 14:00 CST Denver (DEN / KDEN) N441MY C441 (N441MY) Departed 14:39 CST
Jan 16 08:15 CST Palm Springs (PSP / KPSP) N317BC C441 (N317BC) Departed 08:35 CST
Jan 16 11:30 CST Sioux Falls (FSD / KFSD) N43317 P28B (N43317) Departed 11:38 CST
Jan 16 15:25 CST Council Bluffs (CBF / KCBF) N7057Q C172 (N7057Q) Departed 15:26 CST
Jan 16 17:45 CST Iowa City (KIOW) N551G C550 (N551G) Departed 17:46 CST
Jan 21 13:00 CST Ardmore (K1F0) N83A C441 (N83A) Departed 13:07 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 16 - San Francisco (SFO / KSFO) Skywest Airlines OO5216 E75L (N208SY) Landed 02:13 CST
Jan 17 - Wichita (ICT / KICT) Silverhawk Aviation SLH11 BE9L (N390PS) Landed 15:52 CST

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