Ames Municipal Airport (AMW / KAMW)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 13 12:40 CDT St Louis (KSUS) NetJets Aviation 1L648 C56X (N648QS) Departed 15:43 CDT
Mar 14 08:00 CDT Milwaukee (MKE / KMKE) N1HA C551 (N1HA) Departed 07:52 CDT
Mar 15 14:00 CDT Watertown (KRYV) N2664F C414 (N2664F) Departed 12:59 CDT
Mar 15 15:00 CDT Omaha (OMA / KOMA) N355CD H25B (N355CD) Departed 15:01 CDT
Mar 15 15:00 CDT Lexington (LEX / KLEX) N310ZM B350 (N310ZM) Departed 14:50 CDT
Mar 16 08:00 CDT St Louis (K1H0) N6819J P28A (N6819J) Departed 08:15 CDT
Mar 16 10:19 CDT Topeka (FOE / KFOE) N62LG C182 (N62LG) Departed 10:20 CDT
Mar 17 12:50 CDT Boone (BNW / KBNW) N2094T P28R (N2094T) Departed 13:05 CDT
Mar 18 10:00 CDT Moline (MLI / KMLI) N678GS C550 (N678GS) Departed 11:10 CDT
Mar 18 11:45 CDT Joplin (JLN / KJLN) N166MA PA46 (N166MA) Departed 11:36 CDT
Mar 18 16:25 CDT Sullivan (KUUV) N351JP BE58 (N351JP) Departed 16:17 CDT
Mar 19 18:00 CDT Fargo (FAR / KFAR) N42MH PA31 (N42MH) Departed 18:25 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 13 14:18 CDT Jefferson City (KJEF) NetJets Aviation 1L648 C56X (N648QS) Landed
Mar 15 10:21 CDT Kansas City (MKC / KMKC) N310ZM B350 (N310ZM) Landed
Mar 15 14:19 CDT Omaha (OMA / KOMA) N355CD H25B (N355CD) Landed
Mar 19 08:40 CDT Clinton (KCTZ) N883PF C56X (N883PF) Landed
Mar 19 13:39 CDT Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) NetJets Aviation 1L311 C680 (N311QS) Landed

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