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Omni Air Transport ( / DRL)

28 flights of DRL
15 OctDallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-Calgary, AB (YYC/CYYC)-LJ75 (N75AX)
Landed 00:33 MDT
15 OctDallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-Culpeper, VA (KCJR)-LJ45 (N45AX)
Landed 20:01 EDT
15 OctWichita, KS (KAAO)
15:15 CDT
Des Moines, IA (DSM/KDSM)-LJ75 (N21AX)
15 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
13:30 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-LJ45 (N45AX)
Landed 14:30 CDT
15 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
12:50 CDT
Wichita, KS (KAAO)-LJ75 (N21AX)
Landed 13:57 CDT
14 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
09:30 CDT
Jackson, WY (JAC/KJAC)-LJ40 (N18AX)
13 OctSan Diego, CA (SAN/KSAN)-Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-LJ75 (N75AX)
Landed 19:43 CDT
13 OctOklahoma City, OK (OKC/KOKC)
12:30 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-LJ40 (N340SR)
Landed 13:50 CDT
13 OctNapa, CA (APC/KAPC)
12:30 PDT
Tulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)-LJ40 (N18AX)
Landed 18:53 CDT
13 OctDallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)
11:00 CDT
Oklahoma City, OK (OKC/KOKC)-LJ40 (N340SR)
Landed 12:00 CDT
13 OctSan Francisco, CA (SFO/KSFO)
10:00 PDT
Napa, CA (APC/KAPC)-LJ40 (N18AX)
13 OctDallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)
07:00 CDT
San Diego, CA (SAN/KSAN)-LJ75 (N75AX)
Landed 09:00 PDT
12 OctAtlanta, GA (KFTY)
22:30 EDT
Tulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)-LJ75 (N21AX)
Landed 00:24 CDT
12 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
14:30 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-LJ75 (N75AX)
Landed 15:59 CDT
11 OctTupelo, MS (TUP/KTUP)
22:30 CDT
Atlanta, GA (KFTY)-LJ75 (N21AX)
Landed 00:29 EDT
11 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
16:45 CDT
Tupelo, MS (TUP/KTUP)-LJ75 (N21AX)
11 OctDallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)
13:30 CDT
Wichita, KS (ICT/KICT)--
10 OctMidland, TX (MAF/KMAF)
17:00 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-LJ40 (N340SR)
Landed 18:22 CDT
10 OctAustin, TX (AUS/KAUS)
16:00 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)--
10 OctMidland, TX (MAF/KMAF)
15:00 CDT
Austin, TX (AUS/KAUS)--
10 OctWichita, KS (ICT/KICT)
13:30 CDT
Midland, TX (MAF/KMAF)--
10 OctDallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)
13:00 CDT
Midland, TX (MAF/KMAF)-LJ40 (N340SR)
10 OctNapa, CA (APC/KAPC)
11:45 PDT
Seattle, WA (BFI/KBFI)-LJ40 (N18AX)
Landed 13:29 PDT
10 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
08:30 CDT
Napa, CA (APC/KAPC)-LJ40 (N18AX)
Landed 10:45 PDT
9 OctMidland, TX (MAF/KMAF)
14:20 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-LJ40 (N340SR)
Landed 15:19 CDT
9 OctWaco, TX (KPWG)
14:20 CDT
Tulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)-LJ40 (N18AX)
Landed 16:42 CDT
9 OctNew Braunfels, TX (KBAZ)
11:00 CDT
Waco, TX (KPWG)-LJ40 (N18AX)
9 OctTulsa, OK (TUL/KTUL)
06:15 CDT
New Braunfels, TX (KBAZ)-LJ40 (N18AX)

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