UTC 15:26

Aircraft E545

30 flights of E545
21 Oct
N450LCChattanooga, TN (CHA/KCHA)
10:30 EDT
, TN (KRZR)-E545 (N450LC)
Landed 11:19 EDT
21 Oct
N450CHKnoxville, TN (TYS/KTYS)
10:00 EDT
Chattanooga, TN (CHA/KCHA)-E545 (N450CH)
Landed 10:40 EDT
21 OctASP827Ottawa, ON (YOW/CYOW)
09:45 EDT
London, ON (YXU/CYXU)-E545 (C-FASF)
21 OctLXJ416Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg, VA (SHD/KSHD)
09:30 EDT
Marco Island, FL (KMKY)-E545 (N416FX)
Est. Arrival 12:07 EDT
21 OctLXJ420Morristown, NJ (MMU/KMMU)
09:30 EDT
Deland, FL (KDED)-E545 (N420FX)
Est. Arrival 12:22 EDT
21 OctLXJ424Columbus/W Point/Starkville, MS (GTR/KGTR)
09:05 CDT
Georgetown (GCM/MWCR)-E545 (N424FX)
Est. Arrival 11:57 EST
21 OctLXJ419Midland, TX (MAF/KMAF)
08:43 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-E545 (N419FX)
Est. Arrival 11:08 CDT
21 OctLXJ405Hilton Head Island, SC (HHH/KHXD)
08:30 EDT
Oxford, CT (KOXC)-E545 (N405FX)
Est. Arrival 11:16 EDT
21 OctLXJ408Chicago, IL (MDW/KMDW)
08:30 CDT
Dallas, TX (DAL/KDAL)-E545 (N408FX)
Est. Arrival 11:21 CDT
21 OctLXJ417Akron, OH (CAK/KCAK)
08:00 EDT
Las Vegas, NV (LAS/KLAS)-E545 (N417FX)
Est. Arrival 09:58 PDT
21 OctLXJ420Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)
07:38 EDT
Morristown, NJ (MMU/KMMU)-E545 (N420FX)
21 OctLXJ407Miami, FL (MIA/KMIA)
07:30 EDT
Chicago, IL (MDW/KMDW)-E545 (N407FX)
Landed 10:04 CDT
21 OctLXJ422San Francisco, CA (SFO/KSFO)
07:30 PDT
Portland, OR (PDX/KPDX)-E545 (N422FX)
Est. Arrival 09:34 PDT
21 OctLXJ416Providence, RI (PVD/KPVD)
07:11 EDT
Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg, VA (SHD/KSHD)-E545 (N416FX)
21 OctLXJ408Waukesha, WI (KUES)
06:46 CDT
Chicago, IL (MDW/KMDW)-E545 (N408FX)
21 OctLXJ413Louisville, KY (SDF/KSDF)
06:45 EDT
Houston, TX (KSGR)-E545 (N413FX)
21 OctLXJ426Wilmington, NC (ILM/KILM)
06:30 EDT
White Plains, NY (HPN/KHPN)-E545 (N426FX)
Landed 08:23 EDT
21 OctLXJ414Van Nuys, CA (KVNY)
06:15 PDT
Santa Fe, NM (SAF/KSAF)-E545 (N414FX)
21 OctLXJ411Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, IL (KPWK)
06:00 CDT
Philadelphia, PA (PHL/KPHL)-E545 (N411FX)
20 Oct
N69JUPunta Cana (PUJ/MDPC)
23:10 AST
Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL/KFLL)-E545 (N69JU)
Landed 00:59 EDT
20 Oct
N69JUMiami, FL (OPF/KOPF)-Punta Cana (PUJ/MDPC)-E545 (N69JU)
Landed 21:36 AST
20 Oct
18:30 EDT
San Juan (SJU/TJSJ)-E545 (N69JU)
20 OctLXJ419Panama City, FL (ECP/KECP)
18:30 CDT
Midland, TX (MAF/KMAF)-E545 (N419FX)
20 OctLXJ424Chicago, IL (MDW/KMDW)
18:30 CDT
Columbus/W Point/Starkville, MS (GTR/KGTR)-E545 (N424FX)
Landed 21:17 CDT
20 Oct
N747DPJanesville, WI (KJVL)
18:15 CDT
Abbotsford, BC (YXX/CYXX)-E545 (N747DP)
Landed 20:02 PDT
20 OctLXJ408Greensboro, NC (GSO/KGSO)
17:54 EDT
Waukesha, WI (KUES)-E545 (N408FX)
20 OctLXJ423Bozeman, MT (BZN/KBZN)
17:26 MDT
Portland, OR (PDX/KPDX)-E545 (N423FX)
Landed 20:12 PDT
20 OctLXJ420Atlanta, GA (PDK/KPDK)
17:15 EDT
Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)-E545 (N420FX)
Landed 19:29 EDT
20 OctLXJ417White Plains, NY (HPN/KHPN)
17:09 EDT
Akron, OH (CAK/KCAK)-E545 (N417FX)
Landed 19:24 EDT
20 OctLXJ415Canandaigua, NY (IUA/KIUA)
16:32 EDT
Cleveland, OH (KCGF)-E545 (N415FX)
Landed 17:43 EDT

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