UTC 11:20

Aircraft CL30

30 flights of CL30
20 Oct
N33CHSt. John's, NL (YYT/CYYT)
05:30 NDT
Shannon (SNN/EINN)-CL30 (N33CH)
Est. Arrival 12:28 IST
19 Oct
N49SKState College, PA (SCE/KUNV)
23:45 EDT
Philadelphia, PA (PHL/KPHL)-CL30 (N49SK)
Landed 00:43 EDT
19 OctSIS300Cleveland, OH (CLE/KCLE)
23:45 EDT
Van Nuys, CA (KVNY)-CL30 (N300NJ)
19 OctLXJ529Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)
23:00 EDT
St Augustine, FL (KSGJ)-CL30 (N529FX)
19 OctEJM86Richmond, VA (RIC/KRIC)
22:30 EDT
West Palm Beach, FL (PBI/KPBI)-CL30 (N86DQ)
Landed 23:49 EDT
19 OctXOJ541Muncie, IN (MIE/KMIE)
22:30 EDT
Van Nuys, CA (KVNY)-CL30 (N541XJ)
Landed 23:56 PDT
19 Oct
N33CHHouston, TX (HOU/KHOU)
21:30 CDT
St. John's, NL (YYT/CYYT)-CL30 (N33CH)
Landed 04:19 NDT
19 OctSIS300Groton (New London), CT (GON/KGON)
21:30 EDT
Cleveland, OH (CLE/KCLE)-CL30 (N300NJ)
Landed 00:41 EDT
19 OctEJM86Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)
19:30 EDT
Richmond, VA (RIC/KRIC)-CL30 (N86DQ)
Landed 20:36 EDT
19 OctLXJ538Waukesha, WI (KUES)
19:03 CDT
Fort Myers, FL (KFMY)-CL30 (N538FX)
19 OctXOJ552Boston, MA (BOS/KBOS)
18:54 EDT
Bedford, MA (BED/KBED)-CL30 (N552XJ)
Landed 19:36 EDT
19 OctXOJ541Lincoln, NE (LNK/KLNK)
18:30 CDT
Muncie, IN (MIE/KMIE)-CL30 (N541XJ)
19 OctXOJ548Miami, FL (OPF/KOPF)
18:30 EDT
Belmar/Farmingdale, NJ (KBLM)-CL30 (N548XJ)
Landed 22:36 EDT
19 Oct
N828SKMorristown, NJ (MMU/KMMU)-Chattanooga, TN (CHA/KCHA)-CL30 (N828SK)
Landed 19:56 EDT
19 OctXOJ549Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)
18:06 EDT
Bedford, MA (BED/KBED)-CL30 (N549XJ)
19 OctXOJ546Manassas, VA (KHEF)
18:02 EDT
Washington (IAD/KIAD)-CL30 (N546XJ)
Landed 19:00 EDT
19 Oct1L765Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)
18:00 EDT
Carlsbad, CA (KCRQ)-CL30 (N765QS)
19 OctLXJ534Buffalo, NY (BUF/KBUF)
18:00 EDT
Cleveland, OH (KCGF)-CL30 (N534FX)
19 Oct1L762Washington (IAD/KIAD)
18:00 EDT
Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)-CL30 (N762QS)
Landed 19:20 EDT
19 Oct
N717JJGreen Bay, WI (GRB/KGRB)
18:00 CDT
Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)-CL30 (N717JJ)
Landed 20:35 EDT
19 OctLXJ538Chicago/West Chicago, IL (DPA/KDPA)
17:36 CDT
Waukesha, WI (KUES)-CL30 (N538FX)
19 OctOKC632Oklahoma City, OK (KPWA)
17:30 CDT
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (DFW/KDFW)-CL30 (N632FW)
19 OctLXJ522Charlotte Amalie (STT/TIST)
17:21 AST
Miami, FL (MIA/KMIA)-CL30 (N522FX)
Landed 20:30 EDT
19 OctEJM86Charleston, SC (CHS/KCHS)
17:20 EDT
Teterboro, NJ (TEB/KTEB)-CL30 (N86DQ)
Landed 19:01 EDT
19 OctLXJ575Nashville, TN (KJWN)
17:19 CDT
South Bend, IN (SBN/KSBN)-CL30 (N575FX)
Landed 19:15 EDT
19 OctLXJ534Peterborough, ON (YPQ/CYPQ)
17:00 EDT
Buffalo, NY (BUF/KBUF)-CL30 (N534FX)
Landed 17:26 EDT
19 Oct
N42GJBedford, MA (BED/KBED)
16:30 EDT
Morristown, NJ (MMU/KMMU)-CL30 (N42GJ)
Landed 17:28 EDT
19 Oct
N717JJWhite Plains, NY (HPN/KHPN)
16:30 EDT
Green Bay, WI (GRB/KGRB)-CL30 (N717JJ)
Landed 17:31 CDT
19 OctLJY290Charleston, SC (CHS/KCHS)
16:30 EDT
Latrobe, PA (LBE/KLBE)-CL30 (N290CH)
19 OctLXJ527Latrobe, PA (LBE/KLBE)
16:30 EDT
White Plains, NY (HPN/KHPN)-CL30 (N527FX)
Landed 18:05 EDT

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