Aircraft BL17

Weather updated at: - UTC
6 flights of BL17
Flight Date Departure STD ATD Arrival STA Aircraft Status Replay
N28195 Feb 13 Sparta (KSRB) 09:00 CST Clarksville (KCKV) - BL17 (N28195) Landed
N28021 Feb 14 Weatherford (WEA / KWEA) 08:00 CST Alabaster (KEET) - BL17 (N28021) Landed
N51LH Feb 14 Lago Vista (KRYW) 10:00 CST Ruidoso (KSRR) 11:14 MST BL17 (N51LH) Landed
N9778E Feb 15 Houston (KEYQ) 08:00 CST Austin (AUS / KAUS) - BL17 (N9778E) Landed
N623AM Feb 15 El Paso (ELP / KELP) 15:30 MST Albuquerque (KAEG) - BL17 (N623AM) Landed
N8840V Feb 16 Granbury (KGDJ) 15:00 CST Granbury (KGDJ) - BL17 (N8840V) Landed

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