Aircraft 76X

Weather updated at: - UTC
4 flights of 76X
Flight Date Departure STD ATD Arrival STA Aircraft Status Replay
Cargojet Airways Ltd W8571 Feb 19 Hamilton (YHM / CYHM) 01:15 EST Winnipeg (YWG / CYWG) 02:45 CST 76X - Unknown
Cargojet Airways Ltd W8571 Feb 19 Winnipeg (YWG / CYWG) 03:15 CST Calgary (YYC / CYYC) 04:10 MST 76X - Unknown
Cargojet Airways Ltd W8566 Feb 25 Calgary (YYC / CYYC) 21:35 MST Winnipeg (YWG / CYWG) 00:20 CST 76X - Scheduled
Cargojet Airways Ltd W8574 Feb 26 Hamilton (YHM / CYHM) 06:30 EST Ottawa (YOW / CYOW) 07:30 EST 76X - Scheduled

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