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We have a new look!

2016-12-15 06:03 UTC

As we grow in number of users and subscribers, we have been constantly adding new features to our site for the past few years. It was not until recently that we have decided to tear down and rip apart our Radarbox website and rebuild it again.

Our engineers put in hours and hours of work, downed gallons and gallons of coffee; blood and tears were shed. It was hard, brutal and heartbreaking, but we had to do it to improve your experience.

The result? A cleaner, simpler and faster UI that is deserving of a great flight-tracking app:

There are so many features on the new site now that I would like to show you but I will choose 2 most important ones.


You can search for flights by city names and codes, airport names and codes, flight IDs and airline codes. For example, if you would like to know all British Airways flight from Heathrow to Miami, you could type “BAW LHR MIA” into the search query box and you will get a list of all flights:

Suppose that you didn’t know the 3 codes, you could search for them one by one. Search for “british airways”:

Search for heathrow:

And then finally miami, which gives 3 airports:


Historical flight data

After you have selected a flight, you can view its actual flight path:

You can even retrieve its past flight records and see that on Dec 3rd, QR708 was disrupted halfway through its flight and had to land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean:

A closer look:

Not close enough? How about replaying the entire flight?

Do take note that all the existing features like ATC radio, terrain maps, etc, are still there and organized neatly in the sidebar now:

Ok, before we send you off to play with the actual site, please take some time to consider taking up our Elite Membership offering at just less than $20 a year where you will get:

  • No timeouts
  • No ads
  • Access to all our mobile apps

Click here to sign up for Elite for less than $20/year now!

Don't forget to check out the new site first!

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