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coverage ads-b mlat sate 2016-12-04 11:18 UTC

A quick update on RadarBox worldwide network coverage - which now includes MLAT and Satellite data.

This has been done with the constant delivery of more RadarBox ComStation units and the addition of the satellite receiver stations.

RadarBox network now includes Satellite and MLAT based flight tracking.

Peak of Live Flights

Graphic 1 - Peak number of flights on our network since January

A quick overview of recent updates:

- In Aug ADS-B passed ASDI in number of tracked flights.
- MLAT and SATE was introduced in production in August.
- The aggregated feed passed the 10K flights for the first time.
- Number of ADS-B+MLAT flights tracked from Jan to Aug tripled - jumped from 2000 to 7000 at peak times.

Active ADSB sensors 

Graphic 2 - Active ADSB sensors  

- From Jan to Aug we see a significant improvement.
- We hope to reach the 5000 number within 1 year.
- We are finishing generation II of our receivers with a much better static protection / less static damage / more uptime.
- Our new receiver, Micro RadarBox, which is very cheap started to be sold on Amazon. Check it here
- More ComStations will be added to outside Europe/US locations in the next 2 months (our plan focus now solely in non EU/US locations).

 Total ADSB Sensors

Graphic 3 - covered ADS-B + MLAT coverage in area (included sea)

Basically it is a "translation" of the below area coverage maps into numbers


Graphic 4 - ADS-B + MLAT + Satellite coverage for the last 24 hours.

- Shows a huge improvement all over the world but still a lot to be done.
- First Satellite / CPDLC plots on our network.
- We will continue to focus on non EUR non USA locations especially in Asia and the Middle East (still a lot of work to be done in India - China and Brazil look better now despite the enormous areas of these countries).

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