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Multiple pilots reported a series of fast-moving unidentified objects in the sky of Ireland

ufo ireland 2018-11-14 08:57 UTC


Several commercials airline pilots reported a series of fast-moving unidentified objects in the sky of Ireland.

On November 9 morning, the pilot of a British Airways flight #BA94 from Montreal contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control (ATC) to ask if there were military exercises taking place in the airspace through which her Boeing 787 was passing.


When told there was no such aircraft, the pilot said something had moved “so fast” past the aircraft. 

“Errr... alongside you?” the air traffic controller asked. 

The pilot replied that two objects had approached on the left and then “rapidly” veered toward the north.


A Virgin Airlines pilot of #VS76 from Orlando to Manchester reported “two bright lights” that “seemed to bank over to the right and then climb away at speed.” 


Then, a third pilot chimed in. “Glad it wasn’t just me,” the Norwegian Air pilot flight #D81768 from Stewart Airport in New York to Shannon, Ireland said.

The planes were flying in high level airspace – which extends upwards from 28,500ft to 42,000ft.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) said it had filed a report on the sightings which will be “investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.”

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