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inflight-video 2017-10-24 10:48 UTC


inflight Video is a YouTube channel that creates full length, full flight videos from around the world. They use Radarbox24's maps to track each of their flights. Learn more about them and what they do in this interview with founder - Noel Marsh Giddings! 




RB24: Tell us more about inflight Video.

NOEL: Our videos show the entire experience of commercial flight – from check-in to baggage claim, all in real time.  We have over 120 full-length flight videos, ranging in length from 30 minutes to over 12 hours!  Our longest video is currently over 12 hours long, showing a full-length flight from Frankfurt, Germany to San Francisco, with longer flights coming all the time.


What inspired you to start this YouTube Channel?

NOEL: I started inflight Video in 2013 with the aim of allowing people who enjoy flying, but are otherwise unable, to experience flights in real time, and see the world from 35,000ft above as they virtually travel the globe. Nowadays people watch our videos for a variety of reasons – largely for relaxation (why watch reruns of daytime TV when you can watch the lakes and mountains of Northern Canada float by, or the polar ice caps of Greenland?), but also to virtually ‘experience’ a flight (watching either the entire flight or just certain parts).



What's a typical filming session like?

NOEL: My filming trips for inflight Video generally take the form of 5-6 flights back to back, carefully timed to allow the maximum possible amount of filming with the best combination of flights.  Typically, I end up back where I started at the end of the day, having done anywhere up to 18 hours of flying. 


Any interesting trips or stories?

NOEL: The craziest trip I’ve done to date was a trip from Germany to San Francisco, spending just 6 hours on the ground and then flying straight back to London.  In March I will be on the inaugural nonstop Qantas flight from London to Perth, Australia, a 17-hour flight after which I will be on the ground for just 3 hours before flying straight back to London again!


Why did you choose Radarbox24 to track your flights?

NOEL: We overlay live flight maps from AirNav RadarBox onto our videos, to show the viewer the location and other flight data such as altitude, speed and heading – allowing the user to get a totally immersive flight experience and identify scenery as we fly overhead.



AirNav Radarbox makes it really easy for us to get real-time flight playback and create an experience for the viewer similar to the onboard flight maps featured on many flights.  We also link to RadarBox in our social media when we film to allow our viewers to track our flights live when we fly, it’s a great way for people to feel more involved in the videos and to track the flights that are coming soon!


WEBSITE www.inflightvideo.tv

YouTube Channel - inflight Video

Learn about Radarbox24's Maps at www.radarbox24.com

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